Jian Zhou Tong Pian
( ShoulderEZ™ )
Jian Zhou Tong Pian
(ShoulderEZ™ )
200 mg 200 Tablets | Item #: AH010P
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What does it do?
How to use it?
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Jian Zhou Tong Pian (ShoulderEZ™, 肩周痛片) is a Chinese herbal supplement for relaxation of muscles and tendons around the shoulders.
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What does it do?

Ease Your Shoulders from Stiffness

Got "50s Shoulder"?

That's what it is called in China when it becomes so hard trying to lift your arms over your head and it occurs most often in people in their 50s. And the toll of 50s shoulder goes way beyond the physical realm….

Indeed, if shoulder discomfort and lack of mobility have forced you to stow your tennis racket and golf clubs away in storage, that can be downright discouraging. You become resigned to thinking that your best years are behind you because you can no longer enjoy your favorite activities even though you may live at least a few decades more.

If you wish you could once again be able to perform the most menial of functional tasks, like reaching for something on a high shelf without wincing or groaning, give ShoulderEZ™ a try. ShoulderEZ is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) featuring 13 botanically-sourced herbs that may supports blood circulation and the musculoskeletal system.

Signature Formula Beneficial for Shoulder Joint Problems

From a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) perspective, there are a couple reasons why you may be having shoulder discomfort. First, is an obvious reason: injury. But also, according to TCM theory, certain "evils" may cause disharmony in the shoulder joint. These three evils are Dampness, Wind, and Cold, which can wreak havoc on a joint if you are not aging gracefully. That's because with the aging process comes a decline of Yang energy, as well as a reduction in Qi and Blood, with accompanying weakness of Liver and Kidneys. Consequently, the tendons connecting muscle to bone get less nourished and the body has less resistance to fighting the three evils. As a result, when wind, damp, and cold invade the shoulder, these evils cause Qi and Blood stagnation, which in turn result in Yang energy not circulating, causing blockages in the meridians.

In clinical applications, the formula which ShoulderEZ is based on has a successful track record for helping alleviate symptoms associated with Cold, Wind and Dampness. Furthermore, some of the individual herbs are clinically-proven in research studies to support normal mobility.

How does ShoulderEZ work?

Collectively, the herbs in ShoulderEZ disperse wind, expel cold, remove dampness, unblock the Channels and relax muscles and tendons.

Qiang Huo (Notopterygium Root) disperses cold and dispels wind, expels dampness, and alleviates soreness. Du Huo (Pubescent Angelica Root) dispels wind and removes dampness, as well as unblocks the Channels and alleviates soreness.

Gui Zhi (Cinnamon Twig) helps alleviate spasm by relaxing the muscles, warming and unblocking the channels (meridians), warming Yang energy and venting Qi. Qin Jiao (Large Leaf Gentian Root) disperses wind-damp, clears damp-heat and alleviates obstruction.

Hai Feng Teng (Kadsura Pepper Stem) and Sang Zhi (Mulberry Twig) both dispel Wind-Dampness and clear stagnation in the meridians, helping to alleviate obstruction.

Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root) nourishes and invigorates the blood. Chuan Xiong (Szechwan Lovage Rhizome) expels Wind, moves Qi, and like Dang Gui, helps invigorate the blood.

Bai Shao (White Peony Root) relieves spasm and nourishes the Blood. Jiang Huang (Turmeric Rhizome) breaks up blood stasis and moves Qi, as well as unblocks the Channels.

Bai Zhi (Angelica Root) disperses wind and expels dampness. Ru Xiang (Boswellia Resin) invigorates the blood and promotes Qi movement.

Finally, Gan Cao (Licorice Root) tonifies the Spleen, augments Qi, and harmonizes the properties of the other herbs.


Tang SY e tal., Notopterygium forbesii Boiss extract and its active constituent phenethyl ferulate attenuate pro-inflammatory responses to lipopolysaccharide in RAW 264.7 macrophages. A "protective" role for oxidative stress? Chem Res Toxicol. 2009 Aug;22(8):1473-82.
Wang YM et al., Anti-inflammatory compounds of "Qin-Jiao", the roots of Gentiana dahurica (Gentianaceae). J Ethnopharmacol. 2013 May 20;147(2):341-8.
Notopterygium rhizome and root(Notopterygium incisum)(Qiang Huo)
Pubescent angelica root(Angelica pubescens)(Du Huo)
Cassia twig(Cinnamomum cassia)(Gui Zhi)
Large leaf gentian root(Gentiana macrophylla)(Qin Jiao)
Kadsura pepper vine(Piper kadsura)(Hai Feng Teng)
White mulberry twig(Morus alba)(Sang Zhi)
Dong quai root(Angelica sinensis)(Dang Gui)
Sichuan lovage rhizome(Ligusticum chuanxiong)(Chuan Xiong)
Chinese peony root(Paeonia lactiflora)(Bai Shao)
Turmeric rhizome(Curcuma longa)(Jiang Huang)
Frankincense resin(Boswellia carterii)(Ru Xiang)
Fragrant angelica root(Angelica dahurica)(Bai Zhi)
Chinese licorice root(Glycyrrhiza uralensis)(Gan Cao)

Guang Ci Tang® Jian Zhou Tong Pian (ShoulderEZ™) 40 grams in 200 mg 200 tablets @ 5:1 strength.

At a true 5:1 concentration, this product represents the most potent form of Jian Zhou Tong Pian (Wan) on the market. One tablet is equal to 1 gram of raw herb.

Please note that Guang Ci Tang® Jian Zhou Tong Wan in the pill form, which has the same formulation as the tablet, is discontinued.

ShoulderEZ™ is a Guang Ci Tang signature formula.

Jian Zhou Tong Pian tablets are made with 100% natural herbs that are tested for authenticity, quality, and potency. A traditional water decoction is prepared with the herbs to reproduce the time-tested efficacy of the formula, and this water decoction is concentrated with our proprietary technology to form a potent extract that is made into easily absorbed tablets, which are remarkably effective, easy to use, and safe. The tablets are produced by Guang Ci Tang® in our state of the art cGMP-certified facility and imported in accordance with U.S. FDA guidelines. When you choose Guang Ci Tang® products, you are taking advantage of a wonderful fusion of science and tradition that incorporates the highest standards in the field of Chinese medicine today.

Check for an independent US lab test report.

Guang Ci TangВ® Advantages

Effective. Safe. Affordable

  • True 5:1 concentration
  • Double the strength of other brands
  • Minimal or no fillers and binders
  • No pharmaceuticals, sugar, or dyes
  • Comprehensive lab testing (e.g., heavy metals,etc.)
  • Made in a cGMP certified facility
  • Unbeatable value
  • Safely used in the USA since 1995
How to use it?

The standard dosage for ShoulderEZ™ is 6 tablets each time, taken 2 to 3 times daily with or before meals. One bottle lasts users 11 to 16 days. The dose may be doubled for a quicker and stronger response as needed. Consult your practitioner for precise dosage recommendations based on body weight and other factors.

ShoulderEZ™ has a mild action and therefore it usually takes time before its effects become apparent.


Side effects

Jian Zhou Tong Pian (Wan) has been safely used with few adverse effects.



ShoulderEZ™ is gluten free


Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are taking other medicines.
Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are children, old or very weak.
Keep out of reach of children.
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