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Dear Wholesale Partner,

Americans face several critical health challenges: baby boomers are aging, health care costs are soaring, and new drug development programs are disappointing. As a result, more people are resorting to alternative healing and medicine. One of the fastest-growing segments of the complementary/alternative health industry are herbal remedies.

Herbal remedies have been used for countless generations by diverse cultures. One of the most storied traditions with deep roots in herbal medicine is from China. Herbal remedies used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) were developed centuries ago, and many are still used effectively today. Herbal remedies remain an integral part of the national health care system in China.

ActiveHerb™ is one of the USA’s leading suppliers of herbal remedies based on TCM. Our relentless pursuit for quality and excellence has led to the production of two lines of premium herbal remedies marketed under the ActiveHerb™ and Guang Ci Tang® brands. Our products have been selected by over 20 schools of oriental medicine and are available in TCM clinics and health food stores around the country.

ActiveHerb Prodcut Line

Consider ActiveHerb advantages:

  • Our products really work! Effective products are important for you to retain customers, build your professional reputation, and grow your business.
  • We have many unique formulations: over 100 TCM formulas! They address specific health needs and will give you an edge over your competitors. No matter your specialty, we have formulas that will help your patients.
  • We lead the industry by setting higher standards in product concentration, purity, and quality assurance practice. So you can rest assured the formulas you get from us are the best in its class.
  • Our products have been safely used in the USA since 1992.
  • Our products are offered at professional, competitive prices.
  • We have a reputation for superior customer support. Each customer is sacred to us. We run our business with the strong family values we were raised with.

Our motto at ActiveHerb:
we can only be successful if you are!


Sheldon Li, Ph.D. (Credential)