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What does it do?
How to use it?
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  • Boost energy.
  • Increase physical strength and endurance.
  • Promote digestive health.
  • What does it do?

    Boost Energy From Within & Power Through The Day

    Many people rely on caffeine, sugary energy drinks and snacks for a quick pick-me up. But the problem with the boost of energy that stimulants, sugar and drugs provide is that they often quickly lead to energy crashes. After all, what goes up must come down! These common false-energy boosters do not strengthen the body internally. The boost you get from sugar and caffeine is short-lived and potentially hazardous for health in the long run.

    If your goal is to have rock-steady energy so you can tackle everyday tasks without relying upon unhealthy food, drink or supplements, the challenge, then, is to find an all-natural remedy that will make you feel like your energy levels are much improved, but without the jittery/hyper side-effects.

    QiVive™ is an herbal dietary supplement that safely increases energy, stamina and endurance by strengthening the body's internal organs over time. Whether you feel tired after only a short walk, experience shortness of breath minutes into sports activities, lose interest in talking, or barely keep yourself awake after 9 o'clock in the evening, QiVive™ can help.

    QiVive™ is not an energy shot. Do not expect it to kick in immediately. It may take several weeks to build up the physical strength internally and maintain it before significant difference in endurance is noticed.

    Time-Tested, Ancient Formula Strengthens Body's Life Force

    QiVive™ is based on one of the best known and regarded traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formulas named Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang. Created one thousand years ago, the formula is the primary herbal blend that supplements the body's central Qi energy. In TCM theory, weakness and lack of energy is caused by impeded or diminished Qi, which is the body's circulating life force. The combination of the 10 all-natural herbs in QiVive™, including Astragalus and Codonopsis, strengthens the body's Qi and gives the organs the support they need to function at optimal levels.

    The QiVive formula is referenced in the PRC Pharmacopoeia for improving tiredness and physical weakness and for stimulating Spleen Yang to support drooping internal organs.1

    Additional Benefits of QiVive™

  • Improves digestion: QiVive™ in particular nourishes the Spleen which carries the digestive function in TCM theory. Depleted spleen function causes poor absorption of nutrients and dampness (excess moisture, water retention), which in turn causes digestive issues like loose stool and low energy.

  • Maintain organ structure: QiVive™ may help maintain proper shapes of organs such as breasts, uterus, rectum as it counteracts drooping/sagging/prolapse of organs.

  • Does Research Support Qivive's Efficacy?

    In controlled human trials, QiVive™ was found to significantly improve the symptoms of fatigue after 8 to 12 weeks of use. Astragalus, one of the main herbs in QiVive™, has been shown to reduce fatigue in athletes.2

    Biomedical studies have also proved QiVive™ effective for increasing the activity of natural killer cells in the blood, and increasing the serum level of interferon-gamma (IFN-g)and enhance the immune function in animal and human.3-6


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  • Ingredients
    A proprietary blend of water extraction of
    Astragalus Root
    Codonopsis Root
    Angelica Sinensis Root
    Atractylodes Rhizome
    Cimicifuga Rhizome
    Bupleurum Root
    Licorice Root
    Citrus Peel
    Chinese Date Fruit
    Ginger Root


    Each bottle contains 80 veggie capsules. Each capsule contains 400 mg QiVive™ Complex.

    Purity & Strength You Can Depend On
    QiVive™ is made from authentic Chinese herbs of premium quality. We use a proprietary extraction technology that optimizes the unique properties of each individual herb to maximize the extraction of active ingredients. We are able to generate extracts concentrated by a factor of 5 to 15 times, which means 1 gram of our extract is equal to the strength of 5 to 15 grams of raw herbs. This is a concentration ratio hardly achieved by others in the field.

    To further maintain the purity of QiVive™, we do not introduce fillers to the extract during the encapsulation process, unlike other manufacturers. Other dietary supplements commonly contain a long list of other ingredients such as Magnesium Stearate, whereas QiVive™ contains nothing more than the QiVive™ complex itself. As a result, we can deliver an adequate quantity of the formula in a small dose of QiVive™.

    QiVive™ is guaranteed to be free of pharmaceuticals. It contains no preservatives, no alcohol, no artificial flavor or color, no gluten, and no sugar. Heavy metal contents are tested for compliance with the standards set by US Pharmacopeia.

    All Natural & Vegetarian
    All of the components in QiVive™ are 100% natural, down to the veggie capsule shell. Even the extraction process itself is carried out with water as the solvent.

    ActiveHerb™ Advantages

    • Address health challenges in modern life
    • Time-tested dietary support
    • All natural & purely herbal
    • Extra concentrated (5:1 and higher)
    • No pharmaceuticals, sugar, dyes etc
    • Comprehensive lab testing (e.g., heavy metals,etc.)
    • Made in a cGMP certified facility
    • Made in USA
    How to use it?

    Take 2 capsules 2 to 3 times daily. The dose may be doubled for maximal results.

    As the herbal formula is a mild tonic and acts slowly, results may not be noticeable within 1 month, it is suggested to take 4 to 6 bottles in full dose as the first regimen. The dose may then be reduced.


    Side effects

    QiVive has been safely used with few adverse effects or contraindications when it is used as directed..



    QiVive™ is gluten free


    1. Do not use it if you are taking cold medicines.
    2. Do not use it if you have hypertension.
    3. Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are taking other medicines.
    4. If any adverse symptom occurs like headache and dizziness, discontinue use.
    5. Keep out of reach of children.
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