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What does it do?
How to use it?
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  • Support Qi circulation.
  • Help promote a positive mood.
  • Help manage stress.
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    What does it do?

    Rediscover the Happiness in Your Life & Breeze Through the Day, Naturally.

    Bills to pay, worrying about your financial future, work deadlines, soul-depleting commutes, marital disharmony, having very little free time for yourself, shuttling the kids back and forth, keeping up with chores … modern life is certainly full of stress.

    Qigong, Tai Chi and meditation are effective for managing stress and relieving irritability. What's also very helpful for stress management and balancing mood is to make sure your body is getting the nutritional support it needs.

    EaseTonic™ is an all-natural herbal formula supplement that may negate the effects of modern-day stress and help provide a semblance of mental harmony. Though it may not seem like it on particularly stressful days, there is no doubt lots of beauty in your life. EaseTonic™ may help you see more of that beauty with prolonged use.

    Powerful Ancient Formula Supports Qi Circulation

    EaseTonic™ is based on one of the most well-known traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formulas, Xiao Yao San.

    From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, stress of any kind can cause stagnation of Liver 'Qi' (the circulating life force throughout the body).

    EaseTonic™ is formulated to unblock stagnant Liver Qi. Think of 'Qi stagnation' as a swamp, where no fresh water (life force) is running freely. EaseTonic™ works by breaking up the stagnation and increasing the Liver's life force.

    How does EaseTonic work & how do I know if I have Liver Qi stagnation?

    Collectively, the all-natural herbs in EaseTonic soothes the Liver to disperse stagnated qi, strengthen the Spleen to nourish the Blood, and support a normal menstrual cycle.

    Chai Hu (Bupleurum root) soothes the Liver to disperse the depressed Qi. Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica root) and Bai Shao (White peony root) nourish the Blood and the Liver. These first three herbs interact together to resolve the root cause of Liver Qi stagnation, as well as Blood deficiency.

    Bai Zhu (Atractylodis rhizome) and Fu Ling (Poria) strengthen the middle warmer and reinforces the Spleen, thereby enriching the generation of Qi and Blood. Gan Jiang (Dried Ginger rhizome) supports the stomach and warms the middle-warmer. Bo He (Peppermint) assists Chai Hu in soothing the Liver to disperse depressed Qi. Gan Cao (Licorice root) assists Bai Zhu and Fu Ling in replenishing Qi and invigorating the middle-warmer; it also coordinates the synergistic effects of all the herbs in this formula.

    The formula also contains Zhi Zi (Gardenia fruit), and Mu Dan Pi (Tree peony bark) which both clear heat, helpful for irritability and hot flashes.

    If you experience the following signs, your liver Qi may be stagnant:

    • stress
    • negative thoughts
    • lack of energy
    • loss of temper
    • occasional discomfort in the sides (where the liver resides)
    • early or late menstrual cycles

    You will feel happier without having to rely on taking a 'little blue pill' that may potentially cause side effects. If you feel stressed out, lost, or are prone to mood swings, EaseTonic™ may help.

    Does Research Support EaseTonic?

    Because the formula of EaseTonic is so popular, many clinical studies have been conducted to verify its traditional use in Chinese medicine. The collective results show Xiao Yao San has beneficial effects on encouraging a positive mood.

    In rat models that were induced with stress, Xiao Yao San was shown to encourage more happy feeling animal behaviors.


    A proprietary blend of water extraction of
    Bupleurum Root
    Angelica Sinensis Root
    Atractylodes Rhizome
    White Peony Root
    Poria Sclerotium
    Licorice Root
    Gardenia Fruit
    Cortex Moutan
    Ginger Root

    Other ingredients: .
    We use as little fillers/binders as possible which together amounts to % of the tablet weight.

    Each bottle contains 80 veggie capsules. Each capsule contains 400 mg EaseTonic™ Complex.

    Purity & Strength You Can Depend On
    EaseTonic™ is made from authentic Chinese herbs of premium quality. We use a proprietary extraction technology that optimizes the unique properties of each individual herb to maximize the extraction of active ingredients and minimize the use of fillers. We are able to generate extracts concentrated by a factor of 5 to 15 times, which means 1 gram of our extract is equal to the strength of 5 to 15 grams of raw herbs. This is a concentration ratio hardly achieved by others in the field.

    To further maintain the purity of EaseTonic™, we introduce as little fillers as possible to the extract during the encapsulation process. Only 2% silica is used as a flowing agent. In the market place, dietary supplements often contain a long list of other ingredients.

    EaseTonic™ is guaranteed to be not adulterated with pharmaceuticals. It contains no artificial flavor or color, and no gluten. Heavy metal contents are tested for compliance with the standards set by US Pharmacopeia.

    All Natural & Vegetarian
    All of the components in EaseTonic™ are natural, down to the veggie capsule shell. Even the extraction process itself is carried out with water as the solvent.

    ActiveHerb™ Advantages

    • Address health challenges in modern life
    • Time-tested dietary support
    • All natural & purely herbal
    • Extra concentrated (5:1 and higher)
    • No pharmaceuticals, sugar, dyes etc
    • Comprehensive lab testing (e.g., heavy metals,etc.)
    • Made in a cGMP certified facility
    • Made in USA
    How to use it?

    Take 2 capsules 2 to 3 times daily. The dose may be doubled for maximal results.


    Side effects

    EaseTonic has been safely used with few adverse effects or contraindications when it is used as directed..



    EaseTonic™ is gluten free


    Use with caution during pregnancy.
    Not suitable in case of heavy menstrual bleeding.
    If no improvement is observed after one menstrual cycle, it is likely the formula is not suitable for you.
    For best results, do not use it together with with cold medicine.
    For best results, avoid taking cold, oily, and spicy food.
    Consult your herbalist or physician after use if you are taking other medicines.
    If any adverse symptom occurs, discontinue use.
    Keep out of reach of children.
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