Immune Support

A central feature of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the emphasis on disease prevention in living a healthy life. In TCM, health is built upon the balance of Yin, Yang, Qi and other energies. Chinese herbal tonics are used to maintain such balances, much like how Americans take vitamins to prevent illness.

Herbal tonics represent a major part of Chinese herbal medicines. While the terms like Yin, Yang and Qi remain vague in the modern medicine, studies suggest many herbal tonics may modulate the immune function of our body one way or another. As we know, the immune system basically functions to distinguish substances (like proteins) of ourselves from that of the invaded (like virus) or the diseased (like cancer cells) and to eliminate the bad substances.      download Guide PDF

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(Kudzu Relaxe™)
200 mg 200 Tablets | AH131P
Cold with chills? Head stiffness? Kudzu Relaxe™ is an ancient Chinese herbal remedy that releases the exterior, induces sweating, and relaxes the muscles.
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200 mg 200 Tablets | AH006P
Stop a cold at its start. Cold Signoff™ is the most popular Chinese cold remedy and is best used at the first sign of a cold such as sore throat, cough, headache, or nasal congestion.
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5:1 Extract Granules 100 g | AH321E
Yin Qiao San is a household Chinese cold medicine that releases the exterior, clears Wind Heat, and resolves toxicity.
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200 mg 200 Tablets | AH080P
Ever wonder why you catch a cold or flu so easily? JadeDefender™ is the No. 1 recommended Chinese herbal supplement to help you boost the immune function and stay healthy.
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5:1 Extract Granules 100 g | AH322E
Yu Ping Feng San is the most recommended Chinese medicine that strengthens the body's resistence to pathogenic Wind invasion and stops perspiration.
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200 mg 200 Tablets | AH168P
Coldclear™ is a potent all natural herbal cold remedy used to enhance the body's natural defense, even when the cold or flu is full-blown.
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