Yang Tonic

200 mg 200 Tablets | AH166P
Menofine™ is a renowned Chinese medicine that tonifies both Yin and Yang in case of hot flashes and cold intolerance associated with menopause.
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200 mg 200 Tablets | AH040P
Maintain youthfulness in sexual wellness. This all natural Guang Ci Tang signature formula strengthens the Yang energy to support male performance and replenishes the Jing essence.
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200 mg 200 Tablets | AH004P
Replenish the Yang of your Yin-Yang. This ancient Chinese herbal supplement is well known for boosting Yang of the whole body, tonifying the Kidneys, supporting male performance and overall health.
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5:1 Extract Granules 100 g | AH306E
Jin Kui Shen Qi Tang is the best known Chinese medicine that tonifies and warms the Kidney Yang.
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(YanVive Plus™)
200 mg 200 Tablets | AH073P
YanVive Plus™ is a potent Yang tonic. The ancient Chinese herbal formula powerfully tonifies the Kidneys, nourishes the Yang energy, and supports male performance.
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