Ban Xia Hou Po Pian
( PharynJoy™ )
Ban Xia Hou Po Pian
(PharynJoy™ )
200 mg 200 Tablets | Item #: AH130P
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What does it do?
How to use it?
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Ban Xia Hou Po Pian (Ban Xia Hou Po Wan, Ban Xia Hou Po Tang, PharynJoy™, 半夏厚朴片) is a famous ancient Chinese medicine that promotes throat comfort. It is also an important herbal remedy that supports mental health.
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What does it do?

Having a "lump in one's throat" is a feeling of localized obstruction and blockage of the throat and is called in Chinese medicine as "Plum-Pit Qi." Most people that suffer with this feeling have no actual physical obstruction of the throat, yet they experience an uncomfortable sensation of blockage that is often exacerbated with stress or emotional tension, and may experience persistent phlegm or a sensation of phlegm that cannot be easily expectorated or swallowed.

While Ban Xia Hou Po Tang, created in the second century A.D. by one of the great pioneers of Chinese medicine, Zhang Zhong-Jing, was originally indicated primarily for a problem affecting the throat, its use has expanded in the modern day to encompass a variety of conditions that are associated with discomfort in the abdomen and chest, as well as emotional distress.

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the principle pattern treated by Ban Xia Hou Po Tang is one of phlegm and Qi binding in the throat, manifesting in Plum-Pit Qi syndrome. There is a sensation of "lump" in the throat that cannot be relieved by expectorating or swallowing. There may also be fullness in the chest and diaphragm. The tongue is white and moist and the pulse is wiry and moderate or wiry and slippery.

When there are swings in emotion, binding of liver Qi causes the lung and stomach to lose their ability to diffuse and conduct Qi downward; the body fluids are then not dispersed so they accumulate to form phlegm. Phlegm and Qi bind together in the throat to cause the principle symptoms of obstruction in the throat that cannot be expectorated or swallowed, while poor movement of Qi causes discomfort in the chest.

As a whole, Ban Xia Hou Po Pian moves Qi and disperses lumps while transforming phlegm. Ban Xia (Pinellia rhizome) enters the lung and stomach and transforms phlegm while dispersing binds; it is considered to be the chief herb here. Hou Po (Magnolia cortex) is acrid and moves Qi downward while eliminating fullness, thus helping Ban Xia. Fu Ling (Poria) strengthens the spleen while helping Ban Xia to transform phlegm, while Sheng Jiang (Fresh ginger) disperses binds and harmonizes the stomach to relieve vomiting. Zi Su Ye (Perilla leaf) is aromatic and moves Qi to rectify the lung and soothe the liver, and it assists in moving Qi and opening the chest. This combination naturally resolves all the symptoms seen in this pattern.

Does research support PharynJoy?

Modern biomedical research has indicated that Ban Xia Hou Po Tang has a positive effect on mood.1,2 Ban Xia Hou Po Tang has also been shown to improve mental health for subjects in clinical trials.3


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Pinellia rhizome cured(Pinellia ternata)(Zhi Ban Xia)
Magnolia bark(Magnolia officinalis)(Hou Po)
Poria sclerotium(Poria cocos)(Fu Ling)
Ginger rhizome fresh(Zingiber officinale)(Sheng Jiang)
Perilla leaves(Perilla frutescens)(Zi Su Ye )

Guang Ci Tang® Ban Xia Hou Po Pian (PharynJoy™) 40 grams in 200 mg 200 tablets @ 5:1 strength.

At a true 5:1 concentration, this product represents the most potent form of Ban Xia Hou Po Pian (Tang/Wan) on the market. One tablet is equal to 1 gram of raw herb.

Please note that Guang Ci Tang® Ban Xia Hou Po Wan in the pill form, which has the same formulation as the tablet, is discontinued.

Ban Xia Hou Po Pian tablets are made with 100% natural herbs that are tested for authenticity, quality, and potency. A traditional water decoction is prepared with the herbs to reproduce the time-tested efficacy of the formula, and this water decoction is concentrated with our proprietary technology to form a potent extract that is made into easily absorbed tablets, which are remarkably effective, easy to use, and safe. The tablets are produced by Guang Ci Tang® in our state of the art cGMP-certified facility and imported in accordance with U.S. FDA guidelines. When you choose Guang Ci Tang® products, you are taking advantage of a wonderful fusion of science and tradition that incorporates the highest standards in the field of Chinese medicine today.

Check for an independent US lab test report.

Guang Ci TangВ® Advantages

Effective. Safe. Affordable

  • True 5:1 concentration
  • Double the strength of other brands
  • Minimal or no fillers and binders
  • No pharmaceuticals, sugar, or dyes
  • Comprehensive lab testing (e.g., heavy metals,etc.)
  • Made in a cGMP certified facility
  • Unbeatable value
  • Safely used in the USA since 1995
How to use it?

Take 5 tablets each time, 2 to 3 times daily. One bottle lasts users about 2 to 3 weeks.

The dose may be doubled for a quicker and stronger response as needed (e. g., with heavy body weight).

As the herbal formula is a mild tonic, results may only be noticeable after 2 weeks. It is suggested to take 4 to 6 bottles in full dose as the first regimen. The dose may then be reduced.


Side effects

Ban Xia Hou Po Pian (Wan) has been safely used with few adverse effects when used as directed.


1. Not for use during pregnancy.


PharynJoy™ is gluten free


Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are taking other medicines.
Keep out of reach of children.
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